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Chimney flue system

Chimney flue systems installed across Halifax & West Yorkshire

chimney flue installations

Ensure your fire runs efficiently

To ensure your fire provides maximum efficiency, it is essential that the chimney flue is properly installed. Our technician has vast experience of chimney flue installations, both inside and outside properties. Whenever you need to have your chimney flue replaced in Halifax, Flamez are the company to call. As experts at chimney flue installations, we'll ensure that we install it with as little disruption to your life as possible, and we won't leave until everything is working perfectly.
Are you looking for a Halifax based chimney flue installer?
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Have you bought a new stove or fireplace?

Flamez offer a complete stove, fireplace and chimney system installation service. So if you've bought a brand new fireplace or stove with your chimney flue system, why not ask us to install it all for you at the same time?

We know exactly what we're doing and combining the installations into a single job for one installer, you could save yourself a lot of money. Get in touch to book an installation.
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