Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stoves

wood burning stove

Enhance your home with a wood burning or multi-fuel stove

Wood burning stove installer

Wood burning stove installer serving Halifax & surrounding areas

A wood burning stove is an attractive and efficient appliance which can burn wood and wood-based biomass fuels like wood pellets. The addition of a wood burning stove in your home can add warmth and an evocative old world feel. Flamez in Halifax can make sure that your chosen wood burning stove is properly installed and regularly maintained in order to keep it in safe working order. 
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Looking for a multi-fuel stove instead?

Multi-fuel stoves are very similar in design to wood burning stoves. However, the addition of a grate that the fire burns on, and a removable ash-pan allows a multi-fuel stove to burn coal or peat as well as wood. Just as for wood burning stoves, Flamez offers the correct installation and thorough servicing required to keep the stove in top condition, and eliminate any potential risks.
multi-fuel stove
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